Flexible, fast learning and Multi-disciplined

About Me

My Experience

Graduating in 2012 I got my start making web games for Childrens Digital Agency Complete Control, where I worked with clients such as the BBC, Sky and Disney creating unique HTML5 Games for them. I was eventually premoted to Lead Games Developer and was responsible for the tech and a small team of developers.

I left in 2018 to Join the experimental experience design studio Kuva as an Creative Coder. At Kuva I Created AR apps, VR expirences, as well as physical installations with AI and tracking. This was made using C#, Unity, Unreal, WebGL and anything that got the job done.

Skills - Coding

I am able to compently code in C#, Javascript, GLSL and HLSL. And am able to work with and understand C++, Python, HTML and CSS. However I am quick to get on board with what ever language required.

I have used and am famillier with libraries and APIs such as: React, ThreeJS, PixiJS, Steam VR.

Skills - Software

I am knowledgeable and familiar with software packages such as: Unity, Photoshop, Blender, Substance Painter, Audacity, Visual Studio, Sublime.

I have also worked with Unreal, Abobe Animate, PHP Storm, Premeir Pro, After effectsm, Z-Brush and Encore.

I am competent with comandline software such as: Git, FFMPEG and  ImageMagick 


I enjoy learning Illustration and digital painting, 3D modeling and sculpting and playing lots of instruments badly. I am also currently teaching myself Japanese.


I want to work with creative people to make fun projects.