I talk to much, look here is proof.

WordPress, It’s a finicky one.

Lets be clear I enjoy a good website edit as much as the next me. With so much hidden away and me not being bothered to ftp, WordPress is turning out to be quite the fickle beast. I could google a lot of this but a knowledge earned trumps knowledge given if you really want to learn. so on with the self inflicted pain.

Hopefully I’ll get this website filled up with some demo project so my fans can keep up to date with me, can’t disappoint the non-existent fans!


Watch out for jesus, JK

Style and Charm, kinda go arm in arm!


Its at least 2014 how can you see this?

You ether got or you haven’t got, style.

So I was going to do my own php and design and css for this site. I however promptly snapped out of that insane thought, because I am in fact a games developer. I may know how to do some of it and with a bit of googling I could something passable, but it would always look crummy to me.

I had me a search and found a classy design so ta-da, now I just need to get some project up here so you can all see what a clever boy I am :)

WordPress amirite?!

Hello Internet, fans of my previous website will miss the very poorly hand made monstrosity that I had created and enjoy this slick new default theme wordpressed site… it was like a button press to install, anyhoo I’m gonna have to start web developing it now ugggh…